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The Estate was first managed by great grand-father Giacinto, then by grand father Giovanni, and finally by Agostino, father of Dino, Diana and Gianni, who now are at the helm of it. Since 1998, Dino has been in charge of the vineyards and production, Diana of the administration, and Gianni of the commercial and customer relations aspects .
Year after year, the three Bertolino brothers have studied the wine-making process carefully and learnt all its secrets. Now they offer well-known wines of superb and appreciated quality.
They are currently supported in their activities by the oenologist Giuseppe Caviola.

The Bertolino family comes from Castelnuovo Calcea, in the Asti district,. There, more than a century ago, the family was already involved in winemaking and wine trade.
In the 20s, the family moved to the neighbouring community of Nizza Monferrato. The first Bertolino license to sell wine is dated Nizza Monferrato, June 18th 1927 !
When Agostino, Giovanni’s son, was 17th he was involved in family wine company. It became the “Bertolino Giovanni & Son”.
In 1961 they bought the villa Bauda at Incisa Scapaccino. They created the “Tenuta Olim Bauda” that become famous for freisa, moscato and above all barbera, and their wines were awarded several prize and acknowledgements.
Today, the Estate is runned by the three brothers Dino, Diana, and Gianni.
Strong rooting in the land and history of their family are clearly reflected in the labels of Bertolino’s wines.

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