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Cava de Paraje Calificado
is a synonym of purity; it is the essence of cava, the maximum expres-sion of the Mediterranean, the traditional grape varieties of Penedès, and the intensity of old vines. It is the first cava made following the principles of biody-namic growing. It is a cava that undergoes a lengthy ageing process and repre-sents the maximum expression of the terroir. A gran reserva with very subtle, complex nuances.
VITICULTURE: The grapes for this cava come from selected old vines in the Paraje de Can Prats, located in the Costers del Anoia. The grapes obtained from these 5.5 hectares of biodynamically grown vines have an optimal level of ripeness and acidity.Xarel·lo from Can Prats: Year planted: 1960.Macabeo and Parellada from Can Miquel de les Planes: Year planted: 1947 and 1969Training system: old vines, bush-training.Moderately deep carbonaceous soil, with predominantly silt-loam textures and which are well-structured, porous and feature frequent fauna activity. This soil is very suitable for grape growing and allows for a full expression of the character of the grape varietals.Southwest-facing.2012
HARVEST:  The bud break took place 15 days later than usual. The season was very dry and particularly warm during the month of July, which sped up grape ripening. This resulted in a very healthy harvest with very balanced acidity.
WINEMAKING AT THE CELLAR: Manual grape harvest. Quick gravity-flow entry into the winery. Low-pressure pressing with a 50% extraction of the free-run juice. Fermentation of each variety in small tanks at a controlled temperature with native yeasts. With 12% of the base wine barrel-aged for 2 months. Aged for over 48 months.TASTING NOTESBiodynamic cava with a unique personality. Fine and persistent bubbles. Clean and fresh, Claror shows great aromatic complexity with hints of apple, toasted almond and subtle mineral notes. Very elegant with a good balance between mineral notes and freshness. On the palate it has good acidity and is full-bodied, with a persistent finish. A cava that pairs beautifully with food.
VARIETIES: 43% Xarel·lo33% Macabeo24% Parellada
ACIDITY: 6.2 g/l tartaric acidTOTAL
SUGAR: 0.5 g/l.pH: 3.12
There are three important ideas behind our first Paraje cava. The first one is to express our philosophy. From the begining, we have identified ourselves as produ-cers of “terroir cavas”.As for the Paraje, our winery is made up of four estates with very unique vineyards, which are located in two different areas. Three of these four estates comprise the Can Prats Paraje, which includes a total of 95 hectares of vineyards connected by the Can Prats stream basin. These vineyards share very unique characteristics. All of them are on the sun-facing side of this small basin, which runs through our Can Prats Paraje to the Anoia River. This area’s geological history has created diverse soils in a superior environment. The area is one of gently sloping hillsides with streams, ravines, and woods, with the flora and fauna typical of this superior environment. The first Paraje cava, had to be the maximum expression of our vineyards, made with the traditional cava grape varieties: Xarel·lo, Macabeo and Parellada. To create our Claror cava, we have selected 5.5 hectares in this Paraje of old vines planted with the three traditional varieties, which have historically produced grapes of exceptional quality. These vineyards share very unique characteristics: they have all been managed according to the principles of biodynamic growing since 2003. CLAROR is an exclusive, unique Gran Reserva cava that is representative of a single Paraje (Can Prats) with old vines and very low production—just 2,800 bottles. These elements make it perfect for those consumers who are looking for unique, high-quality cavas. Claror was the first biodynamic cava in the world with the 2006 vintage.

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